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It was one of those days, one of those hazy muggy days where the sky was the color of an old pair of jeans, and you could see wavy lines of heat dancing on the hot asphalt. She had been driving for hours in the bright afternoon sun. Her AC was busted, and even with all the windows down she couldn't get a moment's relief. As she drove over a small bridge overpass she saw what looked to be an oasis, a small river running through the scrubby lands.

She pulled the car off the road and parked on a small dirt path that lead down to the water. She kicked off her sandals and mad her way to the waters edge, desperate to feel the cool water's kiss on her feet even if only for a moment. She plunged both of her feet into the water with a splash and laughed as she got the bottom of her skirt wet. The water felt so good on her skin, she didn't even notice the broken sign laying half buried near her. If she had she would have realized that this area was off limits due to a possible contamination in the water. The water she was now splashing on her face.

After a few minuets of enjoying the refreshingly cold stream she started to feel a bit strange. Her clothing didn't seem to fit right anymore, and she itched all over. She pulled off her shirt and dropped her skirt, there hadn't been a living soul in the last forty miles and she doubted anyone would see her down nearly under the bridge.

She looked herself over quickly, trying to think of what was making her skin feel so odd. She noticed something on her upper arm and tried to brush it away, but it didn't come off. It was grayish, and... were those hairs? She looked closer and realized a thin layer of small gay hairs was growing on her shoulder and down her arm slightly. She just looked at it with a confused expression, what the hell was going on?

At that moment she heard a sound similar to when you crack your knuckles from her backside, her back went stiff for a moment and she reached behind her to feel something thin and hairy hanging behind her. It was growing in her hand, he could actually feel it getting bigger as she held it... no wait... she actually could feel it, it was like it was a part of her, and as she turned to look she couldn't believe that she was holding what looked like a small and steadily growing tail.

At this point she was starting to breathe heavily, and when she saw the sign finally she had a wave of panic rush over her. She ran toward her car, desperate to get away from whatever was changing her, but before she had made it halfway she felt to her knees. Her balance had suddenly disappeared as her ears started to glide up the sides of her head, growing longer and become fur covered like the other affected parts of her body. She reached up with a shaky hand to feel the soft smooth fur of her ear, it couldn't be real... none of this was real!

She staggered to her feet and lurch forward unevenly, eventually hanging off the side of her car. She caught her reflection in the side mirror and saw that her ears and tail had a distinct look to them... sort of like a donkey. This was ridiculous, she went to open the car door only to remember she had locked it. She stuck her hand into her pocket and... and she didn't have pockets, she was naked. She groaned and ran back down to the river to gather up her clothes and find her keys before this place had any more of an effect on her...

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
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JourneymanIC Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Rep: Boss where was that EPA representative? She brought to my attention that we have some residual product flowing into the river? ... You TFed her didn't you? sighs takes pills for his ulcer.
ExpansionCritic Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Boss: Hey I didn't do anything I pointed her upstream was all, how was I to know the concentration was still potent enough upstream, our serums are neutralized upon hitting a large body of water at least as far as I was told. Anyway this is great for us we know know more about how we are going to have to dispose of our products plus now we have our own full time former EPA investigator! She can't go back to her old job so let's set her up with a living suite on site use her for testing and use her knowledge of how to perform investigations to better seclude any of these instances from coming to light again.
JourneymanIC Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
Rep: I... I think there are a few dozen reasons why what you just said is super illegal.
Espeon-Master-Espo Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
You should try at a second follow-up image for this, either more donkey changes, maybe a slight breast to udder shift, or some male change. It would be pretty neat :)
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