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I finished a Futa Cowgirl getting her first "Milking" it's up on my tumblr if that's your thing (Too graphic to post on DA) My Tumblr is just Tf-Warlock.tumblr don't forget the -

Hope ya like ^ _ ^

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The Warlock
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Canine Condition
She flipped the remote over and popped in the two batteries and it instantly hummed and let out a beepy jingle as it power on. She laughed to herself at the novelty of the so called "Universal Remote" actually controlling even a TV let alone the universe. If it was actually magic it would have weighed more, or at least she would have heard of Warlock Industries by now, and what were these settings anyway, species, target, size, duration? She aimlessly pressed buttons and watched as the tiny display screen showed the supposed changes. She hit the reset button and decided to test the device out.

"Target... me... species... hmmm... well I love dogs, so dog. Transformative Percentage? Uhm... 40%? I don't wanna go too high I guess..."

She frowned as more sub menus popped up.

"This is... detailed..." She read over so many things she got a little confused, and before she was done she had set it to make her a little bit more doglike mentally as well. What she didn't realize was she had hit the wrong button on the duration setting, and until she hit the reset button the effect would remain semi permanent.

She hit confirm and instantly felt a sharp shock from the device. A green light flashed from it and she felt like she had just grabbed an electric fence. The device fell from her shocked fingers and clattered to the wooden floor. She felt a wave on energy wash over her and the room spun. She staggered toward the stairs and collapsed as her feet no longer seemed to support her weight. her toes curled and twisted, her very bones seemed to be moving. She wished the stairs had a railing so she could grip onto them as her feet rapidly became pawlike, and her legs took on a digitigrade stance.

She kicked out in fear, watching the doglike legs move as if they were her own.... They were her own, she had... paws.. She went to touch them to feel if they were real and saw small hairs on her hand. She held it up to her face just in time to watch it go through a similar process as it to began to become canine in shape. She looked out onto the floor to find the remote, hoping to stop whatever she had done only to see it scattered and three or four pieces on the ground. The cheap craftsmanship that had convinced her it was a gag had proven treacherous and the remote was broken beyond repair, along with any chance of reversing this.

She whimpered as her back twitched and her spine lengthened into a thin tail, thickening as hairs grew in. Her ears became pointed and gradually moved up her head as the bones of her skull moved in a disconcerting manner. After the ringing sensation stopped she realized she was panting a little, but otherwise... fine, if you could call having paws instead of hands or feet fine.

She braced herself against the carpeted stairs, the feeling her her new hands... feet? Whatever they were, they felt odd as she got up to a standing position. She took a cautious step forward trying to get used to her new stance. It felt... well it was beginning to feel more natural than she would have expected, her tail wagged happily at the thought of the minor success that she could still walk around. Actually she could move pretty fast once she got used to it she thought, the sound of her clawed toes clacking against the wooden floor. She knew that she should try and find the companies website and order a replacement if she could manage to type, but all she wanted was to find something to chew on while she watched some TV. Maybe some chips... or... or some jerky... yeah something meaty... or no... Peanut butter! Or a big bone, yeah that would be awesome... Her tail wagged as she thought of all the tasty things she could eat, all thoughts of trying to reverse her current canine condition banished by a shortened attention span and a empty belly.

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
False Advertising

Sometimes you can't trust those energy drinks that make wild claims like; Guaranteed to give you a boost, improves energy and focus, or now with 200% more horsepower!

Who really knows what they put in them...


Well The Warlock might know a thing or two, just a little bit of extra magic to make sure it's not false advertising.

What do you mean the drink isn't supposed to turn people into horses? Why would it claim to give you horsepower then?

Well I guess that's why The Warlock doesn't work in advertising...

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock

A New Milker
The dairy's owner had said not to mess with any of the equipment out back, but when the new milking machine arrived she was the only one there. Her boss had gone into town and hadn't expected the shipment to arrive until the following day, but it was early, and she was going to have to deal with it.

She guided the movers to the section of the barn set aside for milking and watched nervously as they set everything up. She wasn't particularly mechanically inclined, so she was just hopeful they didn't mess any thing up. Last thing she wanted was for her boss to blame her because something broke.

After the movers left she looked the machine over, an intimidating chrome contraption with many setting and dials. While she looked at it she accidentally pressed a button under the automatic section, the machine quickly whirred to life and she let out a startled yelp as a strap pinned her in place.

The machine worked quickly and she couldn't follow all the motions of various mechanical arm like parts. One ripped at her clothes, getting caught in her shirt which hung loosely at her bent over angle, another seemed to sting her raised butt painfully, while a third prodded at her as if trying to find which end of the cow she was.

She tried to shout out for help, but the only living thing for miles were the dairy cows in the field. The machine groped her breasts roughly and she gasped at the cold grip as two suction cups were placed over here nipples, suddenly there was a whoosh as they sucked inward, and the pressure pulled at her. They started a rhythm and she could do nothing to stop the attempted milking.

As the machine tried in vain to milk her she began to feel an increasing warmth from the sting earlier. She struggled to look behind her and eventually got a view of the arm, it seemed to end on some sort of syringe. She had been injected with.... something by this seemingly possessed apparatus.

The longer the machine worked on her the heavier and hotter her breasts felt until she could swear they were actually growing. It wasn't the only thing that felt large either, her nipples felt huge from the suction, her face felt funny, she had a pain at the base of her spine, something was wrong and she didn't know what.

Eventually the rhythmic motion of the suction left her in a dreamlike state and she was shocked to see how low the sun was on the horizon as the machine dinged loudly and finally released her.

She collapsed onto the ground in a pile, her body felt so tired... and wet? She tried to sit up but it felt like she was sitting on something, she rubbed her eyes and blinked in confusion... she was covered in ... milk? How did she get... Holy cow! She looked at her chest and saw to giant breasts capped with almost comically large nipples, more teats at this point. What the hell had that machine done to her? She felt around and found her ears now stuck out from the sides of her head, her nose was thick and more muzzle like, and... she had a tail, a long tail that idly swayed behind her.

She heard the dairy owner's pickup pulling onto the dirt road leading to the barn, and she tried to cover as much of her body in her tattered clothes as possible. She hoped that he wouldn't be upset that she had accidentally turned the machine on, she really hadn't meant to. She looked down at her massive breasts and the milk dripping from her huge nipples.

"At least the machine works..."

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
Pleasure Island Pale Ale
A quick TF I did for a futa image I was working on, it's up on my tumblr, but here's the non futa version

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
Hungry Like The Wolf

She had been a dog walker for a while now, and she was good at it. She had a reputation for going the extra mile to care for the dogs, she always made sure to take the best care for them, and even went as far as to not feed them anything that she wouldn't eat herself. She wasn't a fan of most dog treats she had tried, and when she saw the box of Wolf Snacks at the pet store she was a bit skeptical.

As she held the box up she scanned the contents, reading it over for any red flags for it being a cheap or harmful product. It seemed on the up and up though, and when she looked on her phone for some info about the company she couldn't find much, just a few generic positive sounding reviews online and a lackluster website.

She almost put them back, but... she did need to get more treats... They looked high quality... she decided to buy a box and wait until she had tried one herself before feeding them to the dogs. She popped open the box as she walked to the car and pulled out a bone shaped cookie and put it to her nose. It smelled... Good, like really good. She licked her lips unconsciously and took a small nibble. She was a bit taken aback by how good it tasted, far better than any dog treat she had tried before. It wasn't like she ate them for fun, but this... she wouldn't mind having these for herself. She finished chewing on the cookie and pulled a second out of the box with a small amount of shame. She wished she hadn't skipped lunch but these were just tasty.

By the time she got home she felt kind of sick. The box was half empty, she had crumbs on her shirt, and her stomach felt unsettled. She grabbed her keys and the box and walked up the few flights of stairs to her apartment. She felt terrible, and hen she reached her door she groaned as she dropped her keys. She bent down to pick them up and noticed that her sandals had fallen off at some point. Her feet looked... furry... and the shape wasn't right. She blinked her eyes dismissing the image before her and unlocking her door.

She went to her bedroom and sat the box down on a stand as she stripped out of her clothes. Her toenails caught on her pant legs, her pants struggled to come off, caught on some unseen thing. Her shirt pulled roughly on her ears, and her nose itched badly. She was a bit worried she was having an allergic reaction to the cookies, and she staggered forward to grab the box but fell down as her foot seemed to buckle beneath her. She rolled into a sitting position and looked at her foot, it... it was a dogs.

Her foot had fur, and pads, and sharp nails, and it went at a different angle. She looked herself over and found hair growing up the sides of her legs, a small tail rapidly growing from her backside, her ears were pointed and sort of sliding up her head. She put her hands to her mouth in fear of screaming and felt a cold dog's nose and pointed teeth. She dashed for the box and grabbed it angrily, trying to find some hidden details to explain her current condition. All she found was a small disclaimer that said, Not For Humans.

She read and reread the disclaimer several times before sitting back on the bed in frustration, her fluffy wolf like tail between her legs. the smell of the cookies was so strong with her dog like nose now, and as much as she wanted to throw the box out the window she really wanted to have a few more, then maybe go for a walk, or a long run in the woods...

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock



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